About Us

ABOUT GRASSLANDS REGIONAL Family & Community Support Services Society


FCSS has been part of the Province of Alberta Social & Prevention Programs for 40 years. The MLA’s who first envisioned the concept of the FCSS program recognized that each municipality/community had different strengths/weakness. Therefore rather than design a program to implement across the province “one-size” fit all they developed a strategy whereby each community/municipality could develop their own program to suit the needs of the community/municipality. 

Grasslands Regional FCSS is an inter-municipal program with four partners (September, 2013) : County of Newell No. 4, the City of Brooks and Villages of Duchess and Rosemary. Formed as a society, we began operation in September, 2004. Funding for FCSS is cost-shared 80% Provincial and 20% Municipal based on a formula. 

Until September, 2013 we had ten board members. With the dissolution of the Village of Tilley, they became a hamlet within the County of Newell. Effective September 1, 2013 we have eight board members, two from each municipality: Council Member/designate and Community Member at Large. This works very well and ensured equal representation and decision-making from each municipality (2021-2022 Board pictured above.

  • We are able to provide equal access and services to all community members regionally.
  • The Funded Partners have only one FCSS program they apply for funding and report to.
  • There is no duplication of funding, presentations/agency meetings etc.  

What We Do

  • Collect formal and informal feedback to determine community assets and areas for development.

  • Provide education and training opportunities to build capacity in organizations through workshops, conferences and forums.

  • Host Citizen of the Year & Junior Citizen of the Year which encompasses our region (since 2007).
  • Partners in the Newell Regional Expo multi- year project.
  • Help Build Community Capacity through community development services.
  • Build Community Capacity through voluntary sector funding & in-kind support. 
  • Conduct research to determine local assets and gaps/needs such as the creation, implementation, and analysis through our Quality of Life Community Survey which provides information for each community and region as a whole.  This research has been designed to be replicated every so often as required to better understand the changing needs of our communities and region across the sectors.