About County of Newell Minibus

The Newell Mini Bus is a service provided by the County of Newell. The Mini Bus service is dedicated to providing door-to-door service to citizens within the County of Newell so that they may travel to Brooks for any appointments they may have, (i.e. doctor, dentist, hospital, hairdresser, shopping, visiting with friends or relatives, or just for an outing).

The Mini Bus also provides services for the mentally and physically challenged of any age, as well as adults of any age who don’t drive and/or have no means of transportation of their own. This, too, is for appointments or anything they want to do.

The Newell Mini Bus will also pick up people in Brooks who would like to visit relatives or friends in the County.

The County of Newell is proud of the service it has provided in the past and wants to continue in the future. There is a one-time registration fee of $10.00 and then each round trip is only $10.00!  We encourage all eligible residents to use the service.

Booking Appointments

To book for a pick-up, or for more information please contact the Mini-bus drivers Anne Penner or Linda Cumming at 403-363-7890

Mini Bus Schedule

Monday: Tilley
Every other Tuesday: Scandia/Rainier/Cassils (every other Tuesday)
Wednesday: Patricia & Gem/Duchess (alternating)
Thursday: Rolling Hills & Area
Friday: Bassano & Rosemary