Volunteer Research and Trends

Research Information Centre (Volunteer Alberta) - https://volunteeralberta.ab.ca/programs_services_resources/information-center/research/

Data on Giving, Volunteering and Participating in Canada (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=364

The Volunteering Lens of COVID-19 (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=364

Screening – Public Policy (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=368

Assigning an Economic Value to Volunteering (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=374

Public Policy Dialogues (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=370

Volunteering and the Law (Volunteer Canada) - https://volunteer.ca/index.php?MenuItemID=372

25 Volunteer Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind (Volunteer Hub) - https://www.volunteerhub.com/blog/25-volunteer-statistics/

4 Top Trends in Volunteering (The Management Centre) - https://www.managementcentre.co.uk/blog/4-top-trends-in-volunteering/

Volunteering Trend Watch: What Can We Learn from Looking Back? (Energize Inc.) - https://www.energizeinc.com/hot-topics/2019/june

Our Top Six Volunteer Management Trends for 2021 (Tobi Johnson & Associates) - https://tobijohnson.com/top-six-volunteer-management-trends-2021/

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