Basics for Non-Profits

What Volunteers Want

What Do Volunteers Want? (Volunteer Alberta) -

What Volunteers Want (St. Albert Gazette) -

What Volunteers Need

What Your Volunteers Need to be Happy (The Balance Small Business) -

12 Basic Needs of Every Volunteer (Energize Inc.) -

12 Ways to Keep Your Volunteers Engaged and Excited (Alive with Ideas) -

How to Recruit Volunteers

How to Attract the Best Volunteers (and Keep Them) (Donorbox) -

5 Ways to Recruit More Volunteers for Your Nonprofit (CauseVox) -

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management (Volunteer Canada) -

Volunteer Screening Program (Volunteer Alberta) -

Volunteers (National Council of Nonprofits) -

Volunteer Management Process: 4 Effective Strategies (Volunteer Hub) -

The Essential Guide to Managing Volunteers at Your Nonprofit (Volunteer Pro) -

Inclusive Volunteering

Making Volunteer Opportunities Inclusive (Volunteer Canada) -

Engaging People with Disabilities (Volunteer Canada) -

A Guide to Promoting Inclusive Volunteering: It’s About Power People (Volunteer Pro) -

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