Basic Needs

Looking for some help with basic needs? The Communities in Newell have many organizations that are here to help you with any of your basic needs. Please select from any one of the categories below. 


Looking for assistance with finding food, or need help with healthy food choices? These organizations within the Region of Newell help to provide the basics so that you can keep on going. Donations to these organizations are also encouraged to help keep others going. 
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Emergency Shelter

Looking for help with shelter? The following community resource lists all those organizations that may be able to help or assist you with shelter in the Region of Newell. 
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Looking for a place to find clothing for you or family? The region has many places where you can pickup clothing or even donate clothing to those less fortunate. Click on the following link to see more places for clothing support!  
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Emergency Aid

Looking for some help in the region? This section provides some community services that can help in providing emergency aid for you, your family, or friends. Click on the more information bar to see the list of the community organizations that can help you. 
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